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March 27, 2015 by Bebi Bulma
Does anyone know of a screensaver that mimics the lock screen slideshow from Win 8? I'm on Win 7 x64 (no plans on going to Win 8, use it at work). I'd love to be able to have something similar on my home machine. I'm currently using the Google Picasa Photos screensaver, but I really like the Ken Burns/collage effect on the lock screen slideshow.
May 26, 2010 by Bebi Bulma
I'm a little stuck....I'm trying to modify this uptime gadget because the background isn't showing up properly (no shadow). After a bit of comparing to my other gadgets (like All CPU Meter) the problem seems to be that the background image is being loaded via the css instead of the gadget.html. I tried fixing it by mirroring the html from the other gadget, but it was overlaying and not displaying the text and the image wasn't aligned properly. Could really use some help from someone who knows wh...
January 10, 2008 by Bebi Bulma
When giving your PC a makeover, you shouldn't forget about Windows Explorer. Sure, there's Litestep, which is an explorer replacement, but how about just some good addons?

Been messing with a couple of them for the past few days, and just felt the need to let everyone else know about them. I've added some information about a few programs to the Skinning Your PC article on the Wiki, along with some screenshots for demonstration. Check it out!

Skinning Your PC: Other Goodies

July 18, 2006 by Bebi Bulma
Is there a way to add shortcuts to the Choose Image... dialog when changing an icon in OD? I tried adding a shortcut to my icons folder in the OD folder but it didn't work. In addition, is there a way to add a shortcut in the Select Image dialog or the Open/Save dialogs? I'd like to be able to add/remove icons there on the sidebar but I'm not sur...