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Published on January 23, 2005 By Bebi Bulma In Windows XP
I'm using xp pro and in windows explorer folder view, when I click on a folder that has subfolders, it auto-expands it, listing all the subfolders. Also, it's listing all my zips as subfolders (I have winzip and winrar installed). How can I change the blasted thing so it doesn't do that anymore (1. only expand to show the subfolders when I click on the + button and 2. NOT list all my zips as their own folders)?

*desperate and annoyed*


on Jan 24, 2005
Bah it won't let me edit my first post.

Here are some screenshots to better explain what I mean.

Listing zips as subfolders:
Autoexpand to flood window with all the subfolders:
on Jan 24, 2005
Hmm I am not sure because I don't use it, but do you have 'treeview' or 'springfolders' installed? I wasn't even aware that WindowsExporer could do those things and it might be that you have some plugin/program that does these things.

just a shot in the dark really....

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on Jan 24, 2005
This is after a fresh install of xp pro. I remember that it wasn't doing this on my last install, but for the life of me I can't remember how to disable those things and it's driving me nuts.
on Jan 24, 2005
Well you have three pieces of software installed now that can handle displaying zip files as folders under XP. Windows explorer has built in support as can Winzip and Winrar. If windows itself is handling zip files in explorer you can disable it by unregistering a dll as described in Link. Remember Microsoft considers ziped files as Compressed (zipped) Folders. If Winzip of Winrar have helpers installed in explorer, then you will need to look into the documentation with those programs.
on Jan 24, 2005
Thank you SO much, that did the trick!

Would you happen to know the solution for the other problem? (1. only expand to show the subfolders when I click on the + button) I also noticed that when I click on another folder name, the previous one collapses, I'd prefer it to just stay that way unless I manually collapse it myself.

EDIT: I figured out how to disable the other issue I was having, had to uncheck the "display simple folder view" in the options.
on Feb 14, 2005
Ran across this which might fix your "expanding Subfolders"