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Hello all, I'm using WB8/SKS8 and I'm having a hard time tracking down some rogue Tahoma fonts. They're in the right click popups menus in Firefox, the message boxes, tooltips, and OD popup flyout menus. I've tried tracking down and changing all the "OS Default Fonts" I could find, but these ones are eluding me. I've already changed all the skin defined fonts and system defined fonts in the Fonts section, but these don't seem to be affected. I'm editing the Lantana skin.



on Jun 15, 2014

As far as I know, Firefox defines it's own fonts, you cannot change them. As far as the other areas, what operating system are you using?

on Jun 15, 2014


Cool, that fixes the Firefox fonts.

As for the rest, even the taskbar tray tooltip font is Tahoma and I'm not sure why. Same with dialog/message boxes (example: the SkinStudio save/apply message box).