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Seems to be a problem with the CFX forum
Published on January 23, 2010 By Bebi Bulma In Forum Issues

I guess this is a request, but I've been trying to create a post in the CFX forum, but when I'm browsing the forum and click on "create new post" it automatically puts it in General Discussion instead. And trying to find the CFX forum in the category dropdown is near impossible, I just can't see it. The forum list is just such a mess, it should be easier to navigate.

After further investigation, it seems to be the CFX forum itself. I'm trying this from WC, and when I'm in that forum it doesn't have a parent, just Home > > CursorFX. Odd. Still can't even find the forum on the home page either, had to find it through the recent posts.

on Jan 23, 2010

I can't find a CursorFX Forum, bebi. If you found one where the heck is it? I would have expected it under Customization Software but it isn't there either.

on Jan 23, 2010

Great point.  I've often wondered why it doesn't do this myself.

on Jan 23, 2010

I'm thinking it might be a crossover from the SD forums, which might explain why it's not showing up in the category list dropdown and has no parent forum. My question is...why doesn't CFX have its own forum here on WC? Should be under Stardock Support or something. And that's why the forum list is so confusing, the forums are all over the place. Some are in SD support, some in Customization, etc.

on Jan 24, 2010


CursorFX  is under the My Desktop Section on the main forum list

on Jan 25, 2010



CursorFX  is under the My Desktop Section on the main forum list

Like I said...I think that's from the SD forums, it's not showing up on the WC forums, which is where I'm posting from.