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Published on February 20, 2009 By Bebi Bulma In Personal Computing

Ever since I decided to clean up my mess of cables I decided it might be time to replace my $14 slim wired keyboard with a wireless one. Problem list of things that I want seems to be difficult to find in a wireless keyboard. As mentioned, I prefer the slim, scissor-switch type keys, and also some multimedia keys (play, pause, switch tracks, stop) but I *don't* need some huge gaming keyboard that'll take up half my desk.

I went over to Staples and saw the Microsoft Wiresless Laser 6000 and was quite impressed with it. Had all sorts of keys I could use, plus the slim design. I've never used an ergonomics keyboard before, but as long as it's not one of those funky split ones it should be alright. Seems the reviews are a bit mixed though, with some people claiming the performance/range isn't so great (I don't need a huge range).

Which wireless keyboard do you prefer/recommend and why?

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on Feb 22, 2009

My A, N, and Shift keys are almost completely worn off, and it doesn't bother me at all (especially on a $14 keyboard). At least I know where the keys are

I understand BB, thing is none of the boards these folks are describing to you are cheap.  The least expensive board so far is vStyler's at $60.

All I'm saying is, at these prices they've become small investments worth protecting.


on Feb 22, 2009

I have a 'Dinovo cordless desktop for notebooks', which is a lot cheaper (about £50) than the Dinovo Edge. Still quite pretty, still convenient, and the numpad is separate. Doesn't use Bluetooth, but has some other means of wireless. The mouse that comes with it is the worst mouse I have ever used.

Personally I don't like the shallow laptop-style keys. I'm sure I typed much faster on my old clicky bog standard Microsoft keyboard.

on Feb 22, 2009

what a beast but i love it,very classy looking.