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Published on January 27, 2009 By Bebi Bulma In Personal Computing

I was looking at this cool flickr set and saw how neatly the cables were organized and up off the floor, looked down at my own attempt at organizing and thought...ok I seriously need to do something about this.

I tried labeling some of the cables and tying up some of the excess cabling...but it feels like an exercise in futility. Not to mention makes it really difficult to clean under there (doh). And as for that hole in the desk brace thing...yeah I tried that too, then all the cables coming through it kept getting in my way and got kicked a lot, that thing is worthless. any of you have a better system? Worse? Show us your organized chaos and share your tips and solutions, because I'm sure this is an area we could all use a little help with. 


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on Feb 12, 2009


Quoting tengra, reply 8A suggestion.....
looks pretty cheesy and looks like more for internal case use, I don't like because, it looks permant,

I'm thinking the same thing...looks like plain tape to me.

on Feb 13, 2009

mine and my partners computers sit side by side and i decided to clean up the cables by first using twist ties to group them altogether, then leaving enough room at either end for connections i got a large diameter hose and put a split down it, then i fed all the tied cables into the split, then tied the hose back together. now all i have under the large desk we use is 2 power boards with all the plugs in them and then some very neat looking hose which i have attached to the wall with adhesive clips.

Funny thing, that!  After reading this thread and seeing some of the set ups people here have, I thought of that very idea... a hose split lengthways to house the cables, the afixing the hose to the back of my desk... out of sight entirely and just one lead coming from the power outlet to the surge protector.

Now all I gotta do is get me some hose and find the time to do it... seems every time i plan something lately, something else pops up to distract me.... which ain't hard these days.