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Option disabled?
Published on September 3, 2008 By Bebi Bulma In Forum Issues

New post editor is snazzy, but the "insert link" option appears to be grayed out?  

Can't insert links in either "write new post" or when replying to any threads.

Also, as can be seen from the image, I tried inserting the "wtf" emote, but it keeps replacing it with the blank stare, no matter if I manually select it from the list or if I use o_0 <--O instead of zero though.

Edit: OH I see now when someone said "select some text" they actually meant when EDITING something. Made more sense how it was before though, simply click the "insert link" paste in the code and the link is added. Now it's kinda backwards, hmm.


on Sep 03, 2008

Bebi, you're supposed to write the text first, select the text you want to link and then press the Add Link button.

For example, if I'm linking to a site, I'll type site and select it and press the Insert Link button. Previously we used to click the "Insert link button" then edit the text between the >a< tags, but now it's a whole lot easier.

Don't know about the emoticons, though.

on Sep 03, 2008

The emoticon issue is confirmed.

The link behavior is by design. Highlight text you wish to make a link and the button will become available.

on Sep 03, 2008

Yeah I just noticed the "write text, select, THEN link it" thing (was editing the first post when you guys replied). Is it just me or does that not seem very intuitive? Guess it is easier though, especially when it comes to naming links instead of it just being "www link" or displaying the actual url.


Testing linker thinger


LOL, regarding the "missing edit button" below, as soon as I posted that reply, the edit button showed up for THIS post.

on Sep 03, 2008

Oh noes! My "edit" button disappeared!


Test again


Ok, I just made the above text a link, but in the editor it still shows as regular text, it's not bright blue or anything indicative of actually being a link. LOL...apparently it didn't work as expected.


Bebi Bulma will figure it out eventually