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The WC Wiki needs you!
Published on February 11, 2008 By Bebi Bulma In WinCustomize News
If you have posted tutorials to WinCustomize or other sites (or are planning to post one), please consider posting them to the WC Wiki. The Wiki is a great resource for both new users and power users alike. The Wiki is neatly organized so it makes it easy to find documentation or tutorials to help improve your Windows experience through customization.

There is already a decent amount of documentation and information for many Stardock and non-Stardock products, as well as quite a few tutorials on how to use these products (Attention skinners! More tutorials on how to skin for these products are needed too!). However, there are many more tutorials out there that would benefit everyone if posted to the Wiki.

Do you consider yourself an expert on a certain product or a method of customization? Check to see if there is a tutorial or documentation for your area of expertise, and if not, add your own! If you've written tutorials but are unfamiliar with Wiki formatting or just don't have the time, make a post requesting a volunteer to add it.

Be sure to read the How to Add a New Page article for guidelines and tips for adding an article to the Wiki. Adding an article to the Wiki is different than posting one to the forums or articles section: the Wiki has its own set of formatting. Know a piece of software that doesn't have a page yet? See the Software Page template. Have a tutorial you want to add? Check out the other tutorials in the Tutorials Category to see how they should be formatted (or check here for a basic template). A tutorial should explain how to do something in easy-to-follow, clearly explained steps.

The WC Wiki is already a great resource, but can be even greater with the input and contribution of fellow customizers, skinners, and developers. A wiki is only as good as the involvement the community puts into it.

on Feb 11, 2008
My tutorial request ( ): How to "upgrade" a WindowBlinds XP skin to WindowBlinds Vista skin (Vista Ready <-> WindowBlinds 6 Ready) under SkinStudio 5 or 6.