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Published on January 10, 2008 By Bebi Bulma In OS Customization
When giving your PC a makeover, you shouldn't forget about Windows Explorer. Sure, there's Litestep, which is an explorer replacement, but how about just some good addons?

Been messing with a couple of them for the past few days, and just felt the need to let everyone else know about them. I've added some information about a few programs to the Skinning Your PC article on the Wiki, along with some screenshots for demonstration. Check it out!

Skinning Your PC: Other Goodies

on Jan 10, 2008
Nice addition to the wiki, Bebi ...will definitely be checking these out. Thanks for the post.
on Jan 10, 2008
using them for months
Really nice addition Bebi   
on Jan 10, 2008
Great additions; been using QTTabbar for a while now.