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Which to choose?
Published on November 2, 2006 By Bebi Bulma In Personal Computing
I've been thinking about dumping Norton AntiVirus because it hogs a lot of ram and I've noticed a lot of people saying it's just crap. AVG was one recommendation and I've downloaded the free version but haven't installed it yet.

I've been using Norton for years so I've gotten accustomed to it. How does AVG compare in terms of features, processes running, resource use? Can AVG be set to scan once a week at a certain time? Email scan, auto-protect, automatic virus definition updates, etc?

I don't want to install it yet in case something happens with the two running at the same time (if it can happen, it'll happen to me). Just wondering what some other more experienced people would suggest.

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on Nov 02, 2006

I think Avast! as a freebie is likely superior to the AVG I use that on some machines.

On this one [the principal comp] I'm quite happy with Bit Defender 10 - purchased ver. [though for some odd reason its auto scan didn't adjust for Daylight saving - hardly a drama]....

on Nov 02, 2006
First: I'd wait till you've uninstalled NAV ...[and good luck with that] before installing another AV program.

I'm using the free version of AVG, and find it to be pretty good for my needs, but I keep a handy array of anti-spyware apps nearby, also.

Also using AVG's new anti-spyware [trial], which also seems to be pretty good. It downloads updates for itself regularly [at least daily, sometimes more].

The free version of AVG will do a daily scan, and will update itself once per day.

More features are available in the pay-for version though, of course.

There are other free AV prog's available which others use and swear by ...but I've settled on AVG.

Good luck with your decision.
on Nov 03, 2006

AVG is useless, it's got more holes than Swiss cheese... I had it installed for a while - till it let viruses through and I had to use Norton to clear up the mess...

Try Avast! or BitDefender if Norton doesn't work for you.

on Nov 03, 2006
It's not free, but I use Trend Micro PC-Cillin. It is great.

on Nov 03, 2006
Windows Live OneCare I used and liked during the beta.
on Nov 03, 2006
Personally, I've been using Norton ever since I've owned my pc and the only problem I have ever had with was caused by a cleaner app that cleaned something it shouldn't have and my speed disc got all screwed up. I never notice any slow downs...don't know if thats due to having a gig and a half of memory or not...but I hardly notice norton running at all.

The one thing I will say though that I'm not to thrilled about with Norton is when I had to fix speed disc it was indeed painful getting Norton uninstalled so that I could reinstall it to get speed disc working again. Norton sent me about 8 different tools they said would get rid of it...but I ended up having to reformat my pc.

Basically...all software is great but turns to crap once its broken. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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on Nov 03, 2006
Check out my handy dandy Problem Solving Flow Diagram which will help you solve your problems.

Been using one of those for 25 yrs!

on Nov 03, 2006
AVG is useless, it's got more holes than Swiss cheese.

AVG is the best AV I've ever run. I've had viruses with both Norton and McAfee, and I've had general problems caused by both Norton and McAfee. AVG has been PERFECT for me for the last 2 years plus. It's caught at least a half dozen viruses at the door, and it's never a problem. It works perfectly quiet in the background. It does a full system scan for me everyday at 4 am, and it updates whenever I want to. It's like ninja software. Updates take less than 30 seconds, and don't hog up any resources, it's just a fantastic AV overall.
on Nov 03, 2006
By the way, if you plan to dump Norton, do it in this order. First close it (as best as it will let you), then go to Add/Remove Programs, and remove the Live Update portion FIRST. Then remove the main Norton program next, then all the remaining crap. After you restart, manually remove any left over folders.
on Nov 03, 2006
One more thing... I just received word today that AVG Free 7.1 will be null in January, so if you get it be sure you download 7.5
on Nov 03, 2006
I'm an avast! kid, I know a lot of people complain about the interface, but I have yet to get a single virus while using it . . . and Norton let two get through, stupid program that costs too much . . .
on Nov 03, 2006
Since I have Avast 4.7, no more viruses yet...
Permanent protection for browsing, downloading and mailing...and automatic daily update.
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on Nov 03, 2006
After I uninstalled Norton many years ago, I found the best way to completely get rid of it was to wipe the drive clean of everything and start over.  But that's just me.

on Nov 03, 2006
Use nortons uninstall tool to remove it's AV not windows add/remove,you'll have to download it from their site. As for a new free AV it's either AVG or Avast both are pretty much similar in detection rates, i tried avast and avg and stuck with avg,
you could always google >  "the best free anti virus" i would think cnet would also have a comparison chart of what's good and what's not
on Nov 03, 2006
If it ain't broke don't fix it.

The whole issue's just bothersome...
But since I don't want parasites in my system, I've got to use something.
Running McAfee on the main box, seems to work fine. I like their "trace this event" feature. Using AdAware/AdWatch along with it.
The @#!*^#@!! laptop (Sony) came with Norton preinstalled and TrendMicro blocker. So far no issues with either. Laptop's another story (P.U.), _____ Sony and the horse they rode in on!
Don't like throwing $ at anyone, so will look into Avast/AVG etc. when the re-up time comes.
Thanks for the thread!